“Pete Muldoon is tremendously respected among the musicians in this town, and with good reason. When I first heard him play, I thought I might be in for a set of jazz drawn from classical-guitar stylings, with his clean, precisely articulated lines. Then he launched into a devastatingly pure blues, smoky and packed with an emotional punch. To collapse that into a soundbite: Pete Muldoon has something to say and he knows how to say it. It makes him something of a musician’s musician, to be sure, but not because he’s outside the purview of the average listener. Indeed, Muldoon’s guitar is a commanding instrument with all sorts of appeal, not the least of which is the undercurrent of blues that seems to lurk within his phrasing.“  Mike West, Washington City Paper



“You’ve got to hear Pete Muldoon. The guitarist and Howard University jazz student has the cleanest, roundest tone you’ve ever heard on his ax. He’s also got chops that you wouldn’t believe, fast and nimble fingers that climb over the fretboard in stunning melodic phrases, and make the changes like they were running hurdles. He’s an astonishing player.”

Mike West, Washington City Paper



Named best guitarist by Washington City Paper 2013




The Expert 
Peter Muldoon, 27, street musicianSunday, June 13, 2004; Page M03THE GIG: I’ve been a street musician on and off for about two years, full time since November. I play jazz guitar. But I’ve played music my whole life — guitar for 14 years, piano since I was 5; I went to music school for almost a year. So after two months at my last coffee-shop job, I decided to live my dream. I just thought I’d rather die than serve lattes another day. I’d played on the street before and knew I could make more than minimum wage at it. Now, I live hand-to-mouth, but I’m surviving: I pay rent on time and have a cell phone and computer. And I’m achieving one of my lifetime goals — to be a full-time musician.

I probably know about 20 street musicians in the District, maybe 10 who do it full time. It can be hard to find a particular person — we’re spontaneous and we’re asked to move along a lot. But this weekend we’ll be playing all over town for the Sidewalk Musicians Slam Competition, part of the Fete de la Musique [sponsored by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities,www.dcarts.dc.gov/dcarts/site/default.asp].